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          I am pleased and honored to serve as Principal of Palau High School, the biggest, the only public high school, and the only
WASC accredited high school in the entire Republic.  With over 12 years at this institution, I can say that Palau High School is a very good school.  We do have our challenges and issues like every school across the nation like increasing graduation rate, decreasing retention rate, and improving on standardized test scores are the major goals that we’ve set for our school.  Our School Improvement Plan, complimented by the WASC recommendations address and cover all school issues and is supported and implemented by a group of committed and untiring teachers and staff.

          Palau High School will continue to improve and progress to produce students who will become successful in the Palauan society and the world as stated in the Ministry of Education’s Mission Statement.
About PHS

Palau High School first started as Palau Intermediate School and was administered under the Navy Administration in 1946. The school only covered grades 7 to 9 because elementary school at the time covered 1 to 6 grades. The school was located at the present Palau Community College campus using buildings left by the Japanese.

In 1960’s when the elementary schools were increased from 1 to 8 grades, the Intermediate School was changed to cover 9 to 12 and the name was changed to Palau High School. Many of the Vocational Education Programs that were taught when the school was Intermediate School are still taught today. These included agriculture, carpentry, and others that are now called the Career Technical Education Programs.
"Our students will be sucessful in the Palauan society and the world." Accredited from Western Associaton of Schools and Colleges (WASC).
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Palau High School
P.O. Box 159
Koror, Republic of Palau PW 96940
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