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Peleliu Elementary School began in 1946 at its present location. The school was built with concrete floor, wooden walls and tin roof. The school only accommodated grades 1 to 6. Those who finished 6th grade moved to Koror to attend Intermediate School. In 1966, another building was constructed and the school was increased to accommodate 1 to 8. The first principal was Mr. Tellei who only served for one year and then Mr. Kulas Sengebau served from 1946 to 1983. Subjects that were taught included Math, English, Science, Social Studies and Palauan reading. The students attended school from 8:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. and played different sports at the school after classes. Some of the first teachers who worked at the school were Heroich King, Wenty Tongmy, Dirkedil Osamu, Aiko King, Dongasang Rechungel, Timarong Sisior, Lange Joseph, Okada Ongklungel, Magdalene Remeliik. Some of the first students who attended the school were Ayako Martin, Delbotb Kebekol, Oldekyang Tamakong, Sebuu Skibang, Edboi Rruul, Sowad Rekisiwang.

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