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Office of the Minister of Education

The Ministry of Education is headed by a Minister. The Ministry is responsible for managing, operating, and promoting the public elementary and secondary school system and implementing educational curricula and standards at public schools. The Ministry of Education is also responsible for the performance of the duties and functions of the subdivisions of the Ministry as well as other matters pertaining to public education in the Republic.

The subdivisions of the Ministry of Education include the Bureau of Education Administration and its three divisions, namely the Division of Personnel Management, the Division of School Management, and the Division of Research and Evaluation, and the Bureau of Curriculum and Instruction and its two divisions, which are the Division of Curriculum and Instructional Materials Development and the Division of Instructional Implementation and Teacher Training.

Major functions of the Ministry of Education include the following:

  • School improvement processes;
  • Curriculum development;
  • Assessment and reporting of student progress;
  • Budget preparation;
  • Personnel recruitment and selection;
  • Teacher and administrator training and certification;
  • Management and administration of all professional personnel functions;
  • Community and vocational development;
  • Training of citizens of the Republic;
  • Policy analysis, evaluation, and recommendations; and
  • Lady era cost

  • Implementation of a Professional Personnel System for all professional employees of the Ministry.

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