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Ngeremlengui Elementary School

Brief School History

Ngaremlengui Elementary School was established immediately after the war in 1945. The students attended school at Bai ra Blisang in Imeong because the village did not have a school building. The grades went from first to fifth and there were about 300 students going to school. In 1946, the villagers decided to build a permanent school building for the children. The youth group and several old people went to the rock islands where they cut iron wood and brought it to Koror where the wood was cut by the Ngaratatirou. The Ngaremlengui youth brought the wood to Ngaremlengui by swimming and pushing the wood. It took 2 days to bring the wood to Ngaremlengui. The school was built at the old school site (across from the present school site to the south) under the supervision of Yamasaki Rengiil (Iechadremetengel). At about the time the school was completed, the people of Peleliu who were in Ngaremlengui to escape the war, returned to Peleliu reducing the number of students from about 300 to about 180. The school taught Math, Reading and learning ABC’s. The students played softball, dodgeball, tug and wrestling. In 1947, the Navy brought sports equipments to the schools and students began to play organized sports. The students attended school from 8:00 a.m. to about 2:00 p.m. and brought their own lunch.

Some of the teachers who taught the first classes were Rekemesik Sulial, Olbangel Rengiil, Kimiko Kyota, Riuch Sulial, Deureng Mengesbuul and Taurengel Otobed.


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