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Brief School History

Ngardmau Elementary School was built in 1966. It was built from the old Japanese building, which was used during the Japanese period to teach Japanese students who lived in Ngardmau. The school during that time was not open to Palauan students but for the children of Japanese who worked the mines. After the war the buildings were turned into an intermediate school which taught grades 1 to 6. The very first grade class had 152 students and was rather large because many older kids who had never been in school were enrolled in first grade.

In 1965 Mr. Viteralli began plans to reconstruct the school making it an elementary school. He used grant money from the U.S. to purchase materials and the people of Ngardmau built the school. The first principal was Mr. Ignacio Ngiraiwet and some of the teachers who worked there were Mr. Noboru Ueda, Beketaut Towai, Vincent Beches, Agnes Wasisang, Ngirur Tkel, Elizabeth Ngirmekur and Charles Melus. Mr. Ed Klinburg a Peace Corp volunteer taught the English related subjects at the school.


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