Southwest Trip

Kailang and crew left yesterday for a visit to the Southwest Islands schools. These are Palau’s remote schools laying about 300 miles southwest of Koror. Sonsorol and Pulo-Ana elementary schools are in Sonsorol state, about 240 miles away. Tobi elementary school is in Hatohobei state, about 300 miles away.

The schools need renovations and maintenance. Kailang’s crew visited the schools twice during the summer and the visits will continue until issues are resolved.

BEA August 2017 General Meeting

The Bureau of Education Administration held its first SY2018 general meeting on August 4, 2018, to welcome everyone to the new school year and confirm the shared responsibilities and duties going forward.

The director urged everyone to remember that the students and the teachers out there in the

schools are the reason any one of us is here, and that they show up every day to class depending on us to do the same and to be herefor them.

Most staff were able to attend. Let’s hope for a successful school year that benefits the students.

MOE Website Construction

On June 22, 2017, the ministry convened its content team to work on the MOE website. The team consists of Phil, Jonie, Ediloi, Emrei, Cia and Sucho.

This team is expected to undertake the hard work of gathering/writing and posting the content to make the MOE website informative, useful, and valuable. That’s a lot of work!

Pictured, clockwise from bottom: Sucho, Cia (off pic), Joe, Emrei, Ediloi, Jonie, Phil.

The site was built by Joseph Anastacio, PNSB 2017 fellow.



Alii and welcome to our new website! This is the new MOE Website. Please surf around the site to be sure you know everything. If you have any comments or suggestions, email them to

Thank you!



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