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Division of School Management

The Division of School Management, which is headed by a Chief, functions under the Bureau of Education Administration. The Division is responsible for administration and management of all public schools, consisting of 16 elementary schools and one high school; the Public Library; and the school management field office. Major activities for the Division include the following:

  • Supervising and managing day-to-day activities of public school programs;
  • Supervising the implementation and assessment of instructional programs in public schools;
  • Developing student assistance programs, including student counseling;
  • Implementing and managing effective communication strategies for public schools;
  • Administering school charters to non-public schools in accordance with established standards;
  • Maintaining and improving public libraries;
  • Strengthening parental and community involvement in school activities;
  • Recommending types and scope of needed training for school personnel, including principals, teachers, and staff; and
  • Disseminating information on education programs and services.


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