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Division of Research and Evaluation

The Division of Research and Evaluation is headed by a Chief and operates under the Bureau of Education Administration. The Division is responsible for testing, statistics, and data management as well as planning, research, and evaluation for effective strategies that will improve educational programs and activities for the Ministry. Major activities for the Division include the following:

  • Instituting research-based assessment processes in the education system and conducting and reporting appropriate research for the Ministry;
  • Improving and expanding educational research and development capacities;
  • Evaluating and making recommendations for the current curriculum and instructional materials at all levels of the education system;
  • Monitoring and evaluating progress of the Ministry in meeting its goals and objectives;
  • Assessing student performances as well as student and parental satisfaction with educational programs;
  • Initiating appropriate public relations functions for the Ministry;
  • Managing and coordinating grant programs and activities as assigned by the supervisor or the Ministry;
  • Organizing and maintaining a data management system for the Ministry; and
  • Preparing reports for the Division on a regular basis and as requested or required by the Ministry or other agencies.


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