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Bureau of Education Administration

The Bureau of Education Administration is one of the two bureaus of the Ministry of Education that is headed by a Director. The Bureau is responsible for program planning and research for effective and efficient methods and strategies that augment the education system, for the management and administration of federal programs that pertain to the Bureau, and for administrative services of the Ministry. The Bureau is also responsible for the performance of the duties and functions of its three divisions: the Division of School Management, the Division of Research and Evaluation, and the Division of Personnel Management. The Bureau carries out these responsibilities in collaboration with the Bureau of Curriculum and Instruction and the Ministry’s divisions.

Major activities carried out by the Bureau of Education Administration include the following:

  • Responsible for personnel management, school management, research and evaluation, federal programs, policy development, and administrative services of the Ministry of Education;
  • Planning, developing, and administering programs to provide educational opportunities for students;
  • Recommending and implementing policies and guidelines to maintain educational standards for all students and staff;
  • Preparing the budget for the Ministry of Education and managing, monitoring, and making recommendations on budget expenditures;
  • Serving as SEA Federal Program Coordinator to ensure all U.S. federal grant programs and other external programs awarded to the Ministry of Education comply with federal regulations and grant specifications;
  • Submitting grant proposals to solicit program funding for new and continuing programs;
  • Reviewing and recommending program modifications to strengthen existing programs;
  • Submitting reports on the progress of each division and operation unit under the Bureau on a regular basis;
  • Serving in committees requiring participation of the Bureau and as assigned;
  • Interpreting laws, rules, and regulations to employees, parents, students, and the public;
  • Implementing a feeding program for all public schools;
  • Providing transportation services for students as well as educational activities; and
  • Acting for the Ministry of Education and the other Bureau during absences and through relevant delegation of authority.

Major functions under the Bureau of Education Administration include the following:

  • Division of School Management
    • Public Schools
    • Public Library
    • School Management Field Office
  • Division of Research and Evaluation
    • Testing
    • Research
    • Statistics
    • Data Management
  • Division of Personnel Management
    • Personnel Certification
  • Education Administration Grants
    • Adult Education Program
    • College Access Challenge Grant Project
  • Administrative Services
    • Budget and Finance
    • Facilities and Maintenance
    • Food Services
    • Information Technology
    • Material Production
    • Transportation Services


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