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Ministry of Education


“Our students will be successful in the Palauan society and the world.”


“The Republic of Palau Ministry of Education, in partnership with students,
parents, and the community, is to ensure student success through effective
curriculum and instruction in a conducive learning environment.”

Major Functions

1. To develop strategies, policies and plans for educational reform and
supervise their implementation.
2. To provide adequate and equitable education for all children ages 6-17
through a public school system.
3. To provide the planning, cordination, and management necessary to operate a
public school system.
4. To manage and account for the funds provided to support the public school
5. To formulate and supervise the implementation of the standards for
qualification for teachers and to direct the training of people for the public
school system.
6. To coordinate with UNESCO and other agencies for cooperation in education
and other areas.
7. To carry out other work assigned by the President.

Educational Strategies

1. Student Centered Learning
2. Educational and Instructional Leadership
3. Curriculum Enhancement
4. Resource Support
5. Partnership Support


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