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Brief School History
Meyuns Elementary School was built much later because most Meyuns students attended Koror Elementary School. The Trust Territory government did not feel that there were enough students to build a new school in Meyuns. After Typhoon Sally in 1967 consideration was given to a new school in meyuns because Koror Elemetnary School was destroyed by the typhoon. Two old quonset buildings were constructed and housed school only from 1st grade to 3rd grade. There were three teachers who were working at the school when it opened in 1968. They were Miriam Sakuma, Ymesei Ezekiel and a Peace Corps Volunteer by the name of Bob Braodbent. The three worked under the supervision of Kenzi L. Mad and Mr. Tosiwo Nakamura. In 1969 Mr. Steve Umetaro was hired as the school’s first principal and immediately increased the grades to include 4th and 5th grade. When a girl who attended school in Koror was ran over by car at the Meyuns causeway, the parents began to seek transfer of all Meyuns students to Meyuns Elementary School and in 1973 Meyuns Elementary School was increased to include all grades from 1 to 8.
Several programs utilized Meyuns as the model school for their programs due to the schools need for teachers and the low enrollment at the school. Such programs included the Classroom Teacher Trainer Program and the Student Teacher Trainer Program out of Community College of Micronesia (CCM). The other program was TESL which stands for Teaching English as a Second Language which was used to train English teachers for the other schools in Palau.


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