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Brief School History

Koror Elementary School began almost immediately after the war in 1945. Students who attended the Japanese school but were scat- tered due to war returned to continue their studies. Most of the former Japanese students were students from what was called Kongakko which was located at the present Tire Shop next to the Sure Save Mart. When Koror started the first classroom buildings were located in the area behind the PDC building at the PCC wood and machine shop area. Classes only went from 1st to 6th grade with 7th to 9th being considered Intermediate School. Many of the first students believe that Mr. Tatsuo Adachi was the first principal of Koror.

The School grew until most young people from Koror came to attend the school. The number began to crowd the facilities and students were moved to the Kebtot el Bai as K.E.S Annex. On or about 1962, plans to build another school to relieve the overcrowded classrooms began and in 1964 G.B. Harris was built and most students from T- dock all the way to Ngermid were relocated to G.B. Harris.

Koror continued to be the most populated school with students from Meyuns and all the other hamlets of Koror attending it. In 1967 Typhoon Sally destroyed all the classroom and virtually all school records. Students were required to take classes in several different places including the present Furusato, the Bureau of Lands and Surveys and some of the buildings that were not destroyed in the present PCC area (Then called Palau HIgh School). The government (Trust Territory Government) immediately began plans for a New Koror Elementary School and in 1969 the present Koror Elementary School was completed.


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