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JFK Kayangel Elementary School

Breif School History

Kayangel State is isolated with several miles of water seperating it from the main island of Babeldaob. The distance is far and treacher- ous which is not ideal for the children to commute. The school was built in 1965 to accommodate the students residing on the island. Before the school was built, students were sent off to school on Babeldaob. When classes first began in Kayangel the students were taking classes in the Bai. The people of Kayangel gathered to build the school for their children. Presently, there are approximately 40 homes in Kayangel with a little over 100 people residing on the island. Kayangel students enjoy lunch programs, computer classes and will soon enjoy all the benefits of techonology including intenet and e- mail. The Ministry of Education has worked hard to ensure that students in outer isolated islands get similar educational programs as the students on Koror.

School Site

  • Lot No: 394 & 396; Land Name: Bas
  • Owners by Court Judgment: Ikelau Delkuu & Thomas Obak
  • Certificate of Title was issued on January 8, 2002 to Thomas Obak, Mutsuo Delkuu, Isimang Bandarii and Johnson Bandarii.
  • Lot Size: 3,947 square meters A June 12, 1963 Quitclaim Deed allows the government to use the property for school purposes only. Should it cease to use the property it will revert back to the rightful owners. The deed was executed by Rdechor and signed by all the Kayangel chiefs.
  • Owner Thomas Obak now seeks payment from MOE for use of the property.

School Information

  • Kayangel Elementary School has only 1 building which connects to the cafeteria. The building contains 8 class size rooms in which one is used as the library and another one as the office.
  • The average size of the classrooms is about 8 x 30 and the average class size is 5 students.
  • There enrollment of the school is 28 students with 16 boys and 12 girls being taught by 5 teachers.

Classroom Tech: Student Tech ratio

Tech Count Ratio
Computers 5 6 to 1
Printers 1  29 to 1
Overhead projector 1 For teacher’s use only
Oscillating fans 10 Each classroom
Others 3 Each classroom


Present & Past Principals

  1. Miriam Wattas 1999 – present
  2. Hence Takawo
  3. Yusim Blesam
  4. Thomas Ermang
  5. Helbert Fritz
  6. Hiroshi Koshiba
  7. David Ngiratrang

Teacher Certification

Highest Education

  • High School
  • Degree (AA or AS) 1
  • Degree (BA or BS) 1

Budget Summary

  • Personnel Cost $69,896
  • Supplies
  • Average Annual Budget $71,088



  1. Teacher Assesment
  2. Principal attended special Ed. training in Hawaii.
  3. Vivian Eledui was nominated to Employee of the Year


  1. Soccer Tournament in Ngaremlengui
  2. Clean around island for Education Awareness Week


  1. Renovation of Roof and Paint around building
  2. New tile in the kitchen
  3. Fans installed in classrooms


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