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Brief School History

Ibobang Elementary School was built to accommodate the students who lived in Ibobang and attended the Ngatpang Elementary School. In 1975 when Belau Modekngei School opened, several familes who lived in Ibobang had children who were in elementary school attending Ngatpang Elementary School. At that time the state of Ngatpang did not have roads connecting to Ibobang. The students were transported to Ngatpang by boat every morning and after school from Monday to Friday. The families in Ibobang soon realized that transportation was a problem because of the tide in Palau. They made a request to William Tabelual who was then the Director of Education to allow the students in Ibobang to take classes in Ibobang. They requested assistance from Pasquana Tutii who was a teacher in Meyuns Elementary School to volunteer to teach in Ibobang.

The school began in the cafeteria of the Modekngei Church with four classes. When some of the buildings in Ibobang were renovated, the old materials were taken and the present school was built. Eventually the grades increased from 1st to 8th when the students who first attended the school grew. The school still did not have a principal but had a head teacher and several regular teachers. Elin Rebluud who is a teacher in Ibobang Elmentary School was one of the first students in Ibobang when it started. Mr. Johnson Emesiochl is the first and only principal of Ibobang.


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