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George B. Harris Elementary School

Brief School History

G.B. Harris Elementary School was built in 1964 to help relieve the congestion of students at Koror Elementary School. The school was named after George B. Harris who worked as a member of the Land Registration Team in Palau. When Mr. Harris died, the executors of his will found out that he wanted to donate money to help schools in Koror, Palau. The money was sent to Palau and was used to complete the school and to purchase furnitures and supplies. Classes in Harris began in 1964 and students that attended KES who took classes at the Kebtot el Bai, which was used as KES annex, grades 1-6 were moved to Harris. Mr. Caleb Olegeriil became the first Principal of Harris Elementary School and stayed there until 1970. The students from the eastern part of Koror were encouraged to attend Harris and the school was increased from 1st to 8th grade. Mr. Olegeriil had great teachers working with him. They included Ms. Adelina Salii, Droteo Espangel, Omoto J. Rengiil, Erica Koshiba, Mariko Joseph, Felisa Ikesiil, Hermana Umetaro and Fermin Kebekol. Mr. Ray Buchey and Mr. Kanale were contract teachers working at Harris.


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