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September 4 Labor Day Monday
October 1 Independence Day Sunday
October 24 United Nations Day Tuesday
November 24 Thanksgiving Day Thursday
December 25 Christmas Day Monday
January 1 New Yearai??i??s Day Monday
March 15 Youth Day Thursday
May 5 Senior Citizens Day Saturday
June 1 Presidentai??i??s Day Friday
July 9 Constitution Day Monday


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July 21 Ngaraard State Memorial Day
August 15 Peleliu State Liberation Day
September 11 Peleliu State Constitution Day
September 13 Kayangel State Constitution Day
September 13 Ngardmau Memorial Day
September 15 Peleliu State Veterans Day
September 28 Ngchesar State Memorial Day
October 1 Ngardmau Constitution Day
October 8 Angaur State Liberation Day
October 8 Ngarchelong State Constitution Day
October 21 Koror State Constitution Day
November 2 Angaur State Memorial Day
November 4 Ngarchelong State Memorial Day
November 3 Melekeok State Constitution Day
November 17 Angaur: President Lazarus Salii Memorial Day
November 25 Peleliu Memorial Day
November 25 Melekeok State Memorial Day
January 6 Ngeremlengui State Constitution Day
January 12 Ngaraard State Constitution Day
January 23 Sonsorol State Constitution Day
January 25 Ngatpang State Constitution Day
April 5 Airai State Constitution Day
April 9 Peleliu Emperor Day
April 11 Ngiwal State Constitution Day
May 30 Peleliu: CJ Mamoru Nakamura Memorial Day
July 1 Aimeliik State Constitution Day
July 10 Hatohobei State Constitution Day


August 14 School Begins/1st Quarter Begins
October 12 1st Quarter Ends (42 days)
October 16 2nd Quarter Begins
December 29 2nd Quarter Ends (45 days)
January 3 3rd Quarter Begins
March 1 3rd Quarter Ends (42 days)
March 5 4th Quarter Begins
May 23 4th Quarter Ends (55 days)
May 28 Promotional Day (Outlying Schools)
May 29 Promotional Day (Babeldaob Schools)
May 30 Promotional Day (Central Schools)
May 31 Graduation Day – Palau High School

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