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Brief School History
Angaur Elementary School began immediately after the war in 1945. The students were not that many since many of the families escaped to Babeldaob when war broke out. There were about 30 students altogether until the families returned from Babeldaob on or about 1947. The first school building was a military quonset in Iwaiu hamlet by the beach. The first principal was Akiwo Murphy and he had several very young teachers working with him. The teachers at the time included Masao Gulibert, Julian Kazuo, Eridel, Angelina and Amalia. These were actually students but they were much older than the rest of the students (they were about 15 to 17 years old) so they were asked to teach. In 1953 the school was built at its present site. In 1966, the school was rebuilt at the old school site by the dock. Later it was relocated back to its present site. Some of the first students were Sus Belibei, Vic Uherbelau, Andy Uherbelau, Lasarus Salii, Lorenza Pedro and Balerio Pedro.


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