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Brief School History

Airai Elementary School actually began long before the date of establishement in 1964. Immediately after the war in 1945 school began on or about september 1945. The students used the old Japanese Communications building located in Ked, Airai as classrooms and began teaching students from grades 1 to 6. The teachers did not have textbooks or any teaching materials and taught out of what they knew or learned from the Japanese schools. Some of the courses taught at the time were alphabets, basic math, English. School was an all day activity as students started school at 8:00 a.m. and finished at 4:00 p.m. They brought their own lunches to school. The students in Airai were fortunate because they discovered a Japanese warehouse in Yamato that was full of different kinds of papers. They took them to the school along with pencils, ink, pens and other school materials.

Some of the first students in Airai Elementary School were Father Felix Yaoch, Dr. Yuji Mesubed, Tatsuo Kamingaksang, Ngiraboi Mobel, Taro Ngiraingas, Yukie Yano, Mengeriei Eungel and Ucheliei Ngiralmau. Some of the teachers who worked at that time were Mr. Ngiruchelbad Uchel, Urimch Obak, Wilhelm Rengiil, Teriong Beouch and Ngemelas Demei. The first principal at that time was Polloi Ngirailals.


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