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Brief School History

Aimeliik Elementary School was established in 1948. This was three years after the war and many of the people of Aimeliik had returned home to their state. The first principal was Mr. Rechemiich and there were about 60 student at the time. The Aimeliik school was housed at Bai Era Keai which was located at Ngerkeai. Students had to walk from their villages in the wee hours of the morning, many times it would still be dark, in order for them to reach school on time. The students learned Math, Alphabets, Reading and Social Studies. They played sports such as dodgeball and baseball. Some of the first students were the late Delegate Steve Umetaro, Daniel Kukiut and others. Some of the first teachers who worked at the school were Rengiil Ederbai and Masami Siksei. Few years later the students were able to move into the first school building which was built by Blelai Tomei at the present site.


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